Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reasoning and Knowledge Representation in Games

Download PPT here.

This week I made a presentation about Reasoning and Knowledge Representation in Games for in1122 class. My class project is creating a reasoning module that based on some game ontology to describe play events can find if a player cheated the game and how.

This first presentation focus on state of the art work in this area, which is a very incipient area. The state of art is the basis for creating a new ontology (that has it's ground in the one presented) that will generate detailed logs of a play event which we can use to make inferences.

According to the W3C Ontology 101 document: One of the ways to determine the scope of the ontology is to sketch a list of questions that a knowledge base based on the ontoloy should be able to answer, competency questions.

These are mines

  1. Is there a flaw in the game design?
  2. Are players cheating? How? 
  3. Which is the most difficult part of the game? 
  4. Should I help the player? When? How?
  5. Do players learn? What? How?
For the project of this specific class I want to answer the first question only. This first presentation just creates the ground. As the project progress I'll post more info about it here.